Why you need to travel solo once in your life

“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”

Solo travel sounds fun, doesn’t it? Once in your life you’ve got to try it. It’s not for everyone but you got to try it to find that out.

Solo travel isn’t as easy as some make it sound. I’ve been sick with no one to care for me, I’ve lost all my documents, I’ve been scammed – I’ve been lost myself. Yet still, I’m inspired to travel alone.

I know people are just confused and wonder what they would do travelling alone. Well for once just go for it and don’t think much. Here are some of my reasons why you should travel alone.


Soar Like a Bird

Have you ever felt trapped felt like the life you’re living a life that is not yours. Someday you might even get lost in obscurity of your own world. I have always envied eagles, the queen of the skies. Always wondered how it would feel to be free of all cages all boundaries, leaving behind  all threads of relations, weaving my own path, discovering  destiny like it was a romantic novel where the prince leaves everything behind in search of his true love. If you want to truly experience this feeling you need to travel solo.


No One is Judging you

When you travel alone you don’t need to pretend, or maybe you do. No one gives a shit. Do whatever the F*** you want to, be whatever the F*** you want, there is no one judging you.


No Compromises

Well he doesn’t like museums, she ain’t interested in hiking, he wants to go here, she wants to go there. Well lets compromise and go somewhere else. Often the story of our travels. Well you go wherever the hell you want to with no one to hold you back.

Make new Friends

The real secret of travelling alone is that you’re really never alone. You’ll find people from different walks of life, different cultures, different countries and find new companionship. Even if you’re an introvert you will find it hard to resist the temptation to talk to complete strangers. Chances are the other people you’ll find travelling alone are going to be incredibly interesting people.

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue that our generation certainly lacks. When you travel solo, you’ll learn the value of patience. Patience will become your best friend.


Embracing the Destination

You’ll realize you’re not a tourist, you’re are traveller. It’s not just about touching places and clicking selfies. You’ll interact with the locals, try local cuisines, spend time studying the history,landscape etc., you’ll live like you belong there.

Discover Yourself

Solo travel is a discovery, an opportunity not only to discover the world but also yourself. It  makes you see things with a different perspective and gives you a confidence. When you’re back from your solo journey, i bet you’ll never be the same again. As you travel solo being totally responsible for yourself. It’s inevitable you will discover how capable you are

Stories you thought you never had

You will make memories and stories that will last a lifetime with you. When you’re old these are the stories you’ll be telling your kids about.


Lets see if you can take a leap of faith and travel alone.

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