Vienna – The city of Museums : So it Begins

The moment I landed in Vienna, I knew this might not be the land of my ancestors but I can certainly make it one for my descendants, ask for an asylum, marry a beautiful girl here and have Anglo Indian kids. Kidding aside, let me begin by saying if you are going backpacking, Vienna isn’t exactly the greatest place to start.  In fact you’d want to run away from this city as quickly as possible. Honestly this is one city I didn’t even feel like writing about. It lacked the charm of it’s more famous counterpart Prague and Budapest. Vienna is more of a city even though it is known to be culturally rich, but not the kind where you can take long walks into the emptiness. It looks like a city which has forgotten its history and is trying to rebuild its past. I am more of a history lover and love a medieval  touch.


The whole view of the city from Schronnbrunn Castle

Any ways I’m going run through Vienna, so that I can say that I touched it :P.  I stayed Vienna for 2 nights and the best part was meeting new people in the hostel  and to be specific making two high school Dutch friends  who thought like them I was also in my early twenties and  a couple of American girls we met while playing a crazy game “What have I not” (mine was a huge list :?). By the end of the game we were all full with beers and had lots of crazy fun.  Well this story for some other day and perhaps the right audience.


Westbahnhof, Vienna


So thankfully the next day I got up without any hangover. This was my only day to explore Vienna and I was actually wondering if I should extend my stay here (Thank god I did not). So I decided to first visit Schronnbrunn Palace  which was a walking distance from my hostel. This was probably the best place to visit in Vienna. Well if say the palace was magnificent, it would be an under statement. It took me 3-4 hours to completely explore the palace and be prepared for a long walk inside the palace though there are other options inside but nothing beats walking (it’s comes with no cost ).


Schronnbrunn Castle


To be honest with you I walked around 30Kms around Vienna this day and most of the time I was feeling lost. I crossed roads, monuments and at some point I was even wondering if  I had accidental gone in some other city. For museum lovers Vienna is definitely the place to be,  there is this whole square called Museum Quarter full of Museums. One full day is enough to explore Vienna unless you want to visit all the museums or have lots of time at hand.


Vienna – To Do List :

— Stay near West Banhoff(main station) so that the city is easily accessible

— Buy a metro pass for 24hrs (you can use any public transport). You’ll probably save a lot of money

— Must Visit : Schronnbrunn Castle, Museum Quarter, Austrian Parliament, Rathausplatz

— Vienna is quite safe for solo travellers so you have nothing to worry about

Well here I leave Vienna to write about my favourite city Budapest. Well hopefully I ll see you again . And if you need any more info please feel free to contact me



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