City of Angels : Budapest – Eurotrip

Traveling leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller

You know the best thing about travelling alone, you can be whoever the hell you want to be. You can be the shy guy you think you are, or the crazy guy willing to lose control and bending the reality to his will, or maybe the arrogant dick you always thought you could pull off. You can leave your self behind the moment you step onto the plane and assume an identity you always fantasized.

Enough said I have been hoping to write this for a long time but  then writing is quite like having sex if you ain’t in the mood it just doesn’t happen. I have been scared to write about this for a long time. Maybe I just didn’t want to share it. The moment you pen down the memories they fade away. But I guess it’s time to move on now.

Budapest, what do I say about this city , there is something magical about this place, whether it’s the walks along the Danube , drinking wine on the Szabadság bridge, or the thermal Baths where all of Budapest cleanses their sins since the time of Romans , and here I was in the black silence of a medieval street, and blindly I followed its sharp turns, comforted by the height of its narrow tenements, which seemed at any moment capable of falling together, closing this alleyway under indifferent stars like a seam.

A view of the Bridge from Old Buda Island

Bridge near Old Buda Island

One has to be a cruel man not fall to  love with Budapest, whether it’s the walks along the Danube , drinking wine on the Szabadság bridge, or the place where all of Budapest comes chilling since the time of Romans  , the thermal Baths. I guess there is something about the air of Budapest, fills your heart with joy , it makes you feel as if you have entered a never-land.


The moment I arrived in Budapest I had a feeling  I’m gonna have a time of my life here, and boy did I have one. So I got myself the tube pass for 3 days and went straight to my hostel The Big Fish. A cool, comfortable hostel hosted in an old communist era  building, The only problem was the cacophony at night from the trams. Being right next to the road, it was a nightmare sleeping with that noise. If you plan on sleeping at Budapest make sure your hostel is no where near the main road.

View from the Buda Castle

In my whole euro trip, this was my euro trip moment, the friends I met here are difficult to forget who made sure we had the time of our lives. I met Melanie, a beautiful doctor from Australia , we spent the next day sightseeing. In the evening we decided to go to the  Szabadság Bridge  and catch the sunset. We were both brought some  wine and snacks and here we found people partying in the bridge. Here we met 3 crazy folks Agnieszka, Peter and Daniel. In the next five hours we all were high on Palinka(Hungarian wine, a must try for all) and  with half a mind to go on a road trip to Poland with these folks. Anyways Aga if you’re reading this, you rock and you’re crazy (Don’t try any more Palinka ;P).  I’m still thinking what if I had gone to Poland along with these guys. Sometimes there’s a thin line between being  spontaneous and being stupid , I guess i’ll never find out .’

Glimpses of Budapest


Must do things at Budapest

Walk along Danube

Sziget Festival (one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe. A 5 day camping festival during August)

Hot Medicinal Spring Baths

Heroes Sqaure, Buda Castle, Matheus Church, House of Terror, Chain Bridge


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