Everything that kills me makes me more alive

Life is all about making choices, whether is picking the right shirt for the party, choosing the right vacation, the right job or which plane to jump from…..

Just imagine falling off from a skyscraper and never touching the ground, just falling, falling and falling, embracing gravity, that in short is skydiving for you. 12 seconds of thrill that will never leave you for the rest of your life.

Honeymoon is supposed to be all about romance but what is romance without a bit of adventure.  After watching 100 videos, and finally getting some courage spending few hundred anxious minutes on the internet watching scary videos, I somehow convinced my better half, that this is it !! What better way to start a lifelong journey then jumping together from 15000 feet. 

Skydiving, Taupa New Zealand and Honeymoon makes a perfect recipe for a fabulous cocktail. If you plan on going to New Zealand, Taupa is the best place in the world for skydiving. All you need is courage, conviction and 300$(if you plan on recording your video also 🙂 ).


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