Amsterdam : The city that wakes up in the night

The moment you hear of Amsterdam the phrase that pops up in your head is Love, Sex & Drugs. There is a lot to Amsterdam than just weed though you do get the best one here 😛 as I have been told countless times. With world-class museums, quirky festivals, theatre, live music, laid-back bars and delightful restaurants, there’s never a shortage of things to do in Amsterdam! But it is when the sun sets that the city truly rises. You can see the streets crowding up and the atmosphere full of energy.

A walk through Amsterdam at night for me begins from the Amsterdam Central Railway station which is the real heart of the city

Amsterdam Central


A coffee at Starbucks and towards the heart of the city, Dam Square. It’s early evening, around nine o’clock, and the city is just beginning to pulse with the electric vibe of its spirited nightlife. The air smells of a dozen different cuisines as restaurants fire up their grills for the dinner crowd.

I then go for a tour of the tunnels along the canals, lit up with the glow from streetlamps and cafes along the sides. This is one of my favorites, and leaves me wanting to move into a houseboat alongside the Thames upon my return home.



The end of my stroll then takes me to the famous red lights and the ladies who dance in the windows beneath their glow. I walk through quickly, stifling out the laughter when passing by the windows with the curtains drawn open, and then proceed to spend the rest of the evening subconsciously humming The End by The Doors. I explore the side streets, the air scented with the distinctive fragrance of cannabis wafting from the colorful coffee shops on practically every corner



There are two sides to this unusual city. The Amsterdam that is peaceful and laid-back by day becomes so very magnetic and vibrant at night. I love this city’s ability to simultaneously astonish me with its beauty and bewilder me with its culture. That kind of discovery is exactly what traveling is all about.

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